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Here are a few pointers for getting around in and using Doodledroid

Special Keys

  • Volume +: Redo

  • Volume -: Undo

  • Direction Pad Center: Zoom In/Out

  • Direction Pad: Pan (While Zoomed)

Gestures (Android 2+ only):

Getting Around in the Menu:


In the brushes dialog you can select a brush pattern and the size of the brush stroke.

Brush Pattern
Select the pattern you wish to use by clicking on it.  You can scroll through the pattern list by dragging it up and down.

Base Width
The base width controls the width of the brush when it is being flexed.  That is, when it is turning corners, and the side of the brush is in contact with the canvas.  Dragging this value to the right increases the width.  For realistic looking brush strokes this should be set to a value greater than the Tip Width.

Tip Width
The tip width controls the width of the brush when it is not being flexed, or is traveling in a straight line.  Dragging this value to the right increases width.

The transparency slider controls how much you can "see through" your brush strokes.

The dynamic button turns on speed sensitive transparency.  When this checkbox is checked, strokes that you draw faster will appear more transparent.


The palette has 3 tabs for selecting the brush stroke or background color.  You can cancel the palette by pushing the back button.

Spectrum Selector Tab
To select a color, adjust the saturation slider until you see a color you like, and then touch the color spectrum location of the desired color.

TIP:  To accurately pick a color, you can drag your finger across the palette.  A circle with the selected color will appear around the area being touched.  Remove your finger when you have located the desired color.

Color Picker Tab
To select a color, drag the picker disc by the outside edge.  Align the cross hairs on the inside of the picker disk with the color you wish to select.  The selected color will fill the outside of the disk.  To fine tune the position of the picker disc you can use the direction pad (up, down, left, right). You can either click the center of the picker disc or click the direction pad center to select the color.

Color Adjust Tab
This tab lets adjust or pick colors by controlling the Hue / Saturation / Value.  The selected color shows in the button at the top of the screen.  Click the button to select the color.


The eraser is toggled on and off by clicking the eraser icon.  When on, it works like the brush, just drag where you wish to erase.  To turn it off, just click the eraser again, and you will be ready to draw with the selected brush.  You cannot change the eraser size, but you can erase in detail by using the zoom feature.


The background color palette is like the Palette, but it chooses the background color of your drawing.  If you have saved your drawing, or it has been automatically saved (this happens when you switch applications), your image will be flattened and you won't be able to see the changed background color unless you use the Clear button or the Eraser.


Clicking this clears all foreground content and clears the whole drawing, filling it with the selected background color.


Click more to get access to file operations

Clicking new will save the current drawing if there are changes and create a new drawing.

Clicking Open will save the current drawing if there are changes open a file picker where you can choose one of your saved drawings.  You can only open Doodledroid drawings through here.

Clicking Share will save the current drawing if there are changes and open a sharing dialog.  From here, you can usually choose to do something like send your drawing to someone via SMS or GMail.

Clicking on Delete will delete the current drawing if it is saved.

Saving Drawings

To be extra safe, it is recommended that you use the Save and Save a Copy buttons often to eliminate lost work due to unforeseen issues.  Saving also happens automatically when the application closes or is paused (when you switch to another application).  Saving also occurs when you open a new or existing drawing or chose to share a drawing.  

If you would like to continue working on a drawing at a later time, it is recommended that you click the Save button in the menu before exiting.  Drawings saved when the application pauses or exists are saved as a "working" file.  This working file will be automatically opened when the application starts. 

TIP:  If you open a working drawing, make modifications, and wish not to save it.  Simply click Menu -> Clear and then exit the application.  Doodledroid does not attempt to save cleared drawings.

Known Issues

  • After you save a file, you can no longer change the background color.  When your drawing is saved it is "flattened"  from a background and foreground layer into a single layer that is saved as a PNG file.  In the future support may be added to save both of these layers.
  • Pressing fill several times quickly in succession can cause a force close.  The work around for this is to wait for each fill to complete before doing the next.  We will work on resolving this issue.